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Types of hairdressing services

Our hairdressers-stylists perform men's, women's and children's haircuts, create spectacular hairstyles for festive events, paint in the most fashionable colors of this season. We can offer such popular hairdressing services as highlighting, blonding, coloring, lamination, biowaving, haircut with hot scissors, SPA care and hair straightening. Do you want to know the cost of salon treatments? Take a look at the price list for hairdressing services and make sure that they are not at all higher than in other salons of Zhitomir.

To look stylish, start with your hair! The Mega Beauty beauty salon invites you to make an appointment with a hairdresser-stylist and offers affordable prices for all types of hairdressing services. Salon hair treatments can help deal with brittleness, dryness, split ends and other common problems. And if you need to change your image, our hairdressers will create an attractive image for women and men of any age. Gray hair appears, strands look dull, tired of constantly walking with standard styling? Sign up to us and you will see that any problem can be dealt with.
Haircut with hot Jaguar scissors
This technology has been used since the days of Ancient Egypt, as evidenced by the manuscripts. An example of this is the famous Cleopatra's square. Then the scissors were heated on fire and only after that the hair cut was processed.

In modern times, the German company Jaguar in 2003, for the first time offered to make a haircut with hot scissors. This has had success and lasting and positive results, as evidenced by numerous reviews from users of this method of hair care.

In the "Mega Beauty" beauty salon, the procedure is carried out for the entire length. To do this, DRY hair is twisted in small portions into flagella and stretched, and the hairs that are knocked out of the rolled bundle and the main lower cut are cut with hot scissors.
DUO-lamination "Silk shine"
DUO - means double action: improvement of the structure inside + shine outside the hair.

In this procedure, due to the astringent properties of the active ingredient (guar gum), the hair is not enveloped in a film, as in the usual lamination procedure, and filled and smoothed from the inside. The procedure DOES NOT block the access of OXYGEN, as a result of which the hair does not fade or weaken after washing out the product.

DUO-lamination technology allows each client to find an individual approach, depending on the type of hair. Result: hair gains a healthy shine, moisturized and silky, which makes it easier to comb.

The DUO lamination procedure is ideal after dyeing the hair, prolonging the durability and color saturation
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