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Dreaming of perfect skin?

Beautician services will help you cope with flaking, dryness, inflammation and other common problems. In our beauty salon, you can make an appointment for cosmetology services any day of the week, from 10 am to 7 pm.

Our cosmetologists have a medical education and are well versed in modern methods of face and body care. They provide services in the following areas:

  • cosmetic cosmetology (correction, eyebrow dyeing, eyelash lamination);
  • face care (peeling, different types of cleaning, anti-stress and lifting procedures);
  • enzyme therapy that allows you to shape the contours of the body and successfully fight cellulite.

You can sign up for depilation, scrubbing, body wraps, carboxytherapy - the full list of cosmetic services can be found in the price list.
We strive to ensure that modern cosmetology is available to all residents of Zhitomir, so the cost of cosmetology services is quite affordable. During the procedures, only professional cosmetics of the best brands are used, so the risk of side effects is excluded.

The services of a dermatologist-cosmetologist include gentle, non-injection methods that girls with sensitive skin will surely appreciate. We use the most modern technologies for face and body skin care, after which you can look much younger than your age. To consolidate the effect, the beautician will help you choose high-quality products for home use.
Aesthetic cosmetology
Aesthetics is the science of beauty. And aesthetic cosmetology is what helps you to become even more beautiful. The aesthetic ideal is clean and smooth skin without excess hair, perfect look and well-groomed eyebrows. The services of aesthetic cosmetology of the "Mega Beauty" beauty salon are aimed at achieving this ideal.

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