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Beauty salon Mega Beauty
We live in a big city of passions and stress, tense, crowded streets.
Recently, the pace of life has grown so much that we sometimes do not have time to perceive the emotions of the people around us, to follow the latest movies and bookstores, to do a haircut and manicure on time.

A big city is a great challenge to be beautiful. You need to be aware of the latest gossip, be a deceitful optimist and a lover of low-calorie food. We wanted to make beauty available. Therefore, we have created a beauty salon for a big city, where everyone has time: to do styling before work or manicure at lunchtime.

But the salon is not only services, but also human communication. And the new format of beauty requires a new format of communication. Therefore, the main task of our site is the ability to communicate with our clients. We hope this will help us build a lasting and trusting relationship with you.

The specialists of the "Mega Beauty" beauty salon are a team of high-level masters who are ready to do everything possible for their visitors. The result of their work is beauty, customer confidence and good mood.
A woman who does not take care of herself evokes sympathy, friendly sympathy, but not love. And a man striving for success just needs to look perfect. The Mega Beauty beauty salon is a place where professional hairdressers, cosmetologists, masseurs, manicurists, who know the value of beauty, work. We guarantee an ideal ratio of price and quality of services and promise: you will be happy to look at yourself in the mirror, and those around you will be delighted with the new image.
Our doors have been open since 2011, and during this time thousands of Zhitomir residents have gone through innovative body care programs, got rid of skin problems, got stylish hairstyles or amazing manicure. On our website you can find a list of services that are available to visitors to the "Mega Beauty" beauty salon, so that Zhitomir and Zhitomir women can choose the necessary procedures in advance.
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The Mega Beauty beauty salon uses only high-quality professional cosmetics from leading brands. Are you dreaming of providing salon care for your face, body or hair at home? Buy safe and effective products created in the best laboratories in the world in our store. Hairdressers and beauticians will be happy to consult and help you choose the ideal option, taking into account individual characteristics.

If you want to make a luxurious birthday present, buy a gift certificate for your friend or colleague at the Mega Beauty beauty salon. Better yet, sign up with us together to exchange your impressions later. We are located in the center of Zhitomir, on the picturesque Darvina street, 12. Come and you will be provided with attention, a professional approach and a wonderful mood, which will be presented by experienced craftsmen. If you are interested in news about promotions and current discounts, more often go to our website, as well as to the pages of social networks. We will definitely inform you about the appearance of new services or the beginning of promotions!
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